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Planner/Dairy 18 Months


Time is everything in this Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner, which features original illustrations on its tactile canvas cover. Formatted to show the week's appointments on the left and a ruled page for notes and timekeeping ideas on the right, this large planner has plenty of space for your weekly plans.
Themed canvas hard cover, allowing for a comfortable writing experience even without a surface
Rounded corners
Elastic closure
Moleskine ivorycolored paper
Paper weight: 70 gsm
Useful tools: planning, time zones, international measurements, dialling codes and flight duration
Worldwide Holidays Calendar available from
Expandable inner pocket matching the notebook color
"In case of loss" label printed on the flyleaf
Matching ribbon bookmark
Reusable themed paperband BSIDE featuring additional printed tools
180° lieflat opening Moleskine S.p.A. creates and sells FSC&regcertified products

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