Perfect Pets: My Carry Along Books



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Perfect Pets: My Carry Along Books

A noisy board book with pictures of four all-time favourite pets – a puppy, a kitten, a guinea pig and a budgerigar. Simple rhymes to read out loud and listen to about each pet. Sound bar has four buttons to press, so that children can hear the noise that each animal makes. With a tactile handle for noisy carry-along fun.

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ขนาด26.4 × 13.3 x 1.1 ซม.
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Perfect Pets: My Carry Along Books

Quack Quack! Moo! Children are endlessly fascinated by the noises that animals make,
and with My Carry-Along Sound Book Perfect Pets, they can play those sounds all day long!
This title features photographs of adorable baby animals, with fun rhymes for adults and
children to read out loud together. The key selling point, however, is the integral four button sound bar -
children can look at the pictures, listen to the rhymes, then press the buttons to hear the noise that each animal makes.
This title is die-cut to shape, with a fun carry handle. Which noisy animal is your favorite?


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