Baby Touch and Feel Cuddly Animals



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Baby Touch and Feel Cuddly Animals

Meet adorable cuddly and fuzzy animals in this tactile padded

board book that encourages tiny fingers to explore and develop

fine motor skills while building an early language foundation.

ลักษณะหนังสือTOUCH & FEEL
ชื่อศิลปิน/ ชื่อ ผู้แต่ง / ค่ายDK
ชื่อสำนักพิมพ์Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ขนาด138 x 138 x 24mm
รหัสสินค้า: 5054765


Baby Touch and Feel Cuddly Animals

Introduce your baby to cute cuddly animals with touch and feel textures. 

Tickle and touch the textures together with your baby and help them discover all about Cuddly Animals.
Let their little hands roam to find a shaggy-haired pony, a fluffy lion cub and a fuzzy-tailed bushbaby. 

Twinkly, fluffy and fuzzy textures in a chunky package: perfect for encouraging tiny fingers to explore
and tiny minds to develop. Sturdy pages with tactile covers and rounded corners mean these books
will last years of reading.'

Filled with real-life animal photographs featuring touch-and-feel textures that babies can stroke, tickle, and pat, 
Baby Touch and Feel: Cuddly Animals is the perfect size for small hands. Its padded cover can withstand biting
and throwing while its thick sturdy board pages won't tear. Your baby can practice animal recognition and perfect
animal noises while touching the novelty textures on the pages.

With over a 200,000 copies sold, Baby Touch and Feel: Cuddly Animals is the perfect book for your child's bookshelf.

About the series: Baby Touch and Feel books are the ideal series for the very youngest readers. These small,
padded books excite babies and toddlers with their foil and touch-and-feel covers. Each book in this affordable series
contains twelve vibrant interior pages with bold, engaging images. Containing large word labels, each page has foil or glitter
to behold or a tantalizing texture to touch. These safe novelty textures immediately intrigue babies and are perfect for little
fingers to feel. The Baby Touch and Feel series encourages sensory development, language skills, and early reading skills
while teaching colors, shapes, patterns, and opposites.


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